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Omani Association for Quality in Higher Education was originally established as a network in 2006, it transitioned into an association in 2017. It aims to promote a culture of quality in higher education by providing support sessions, initiatives, and opportunities for improvement in the area of quality assurance, research and student support. Currently OAQHE has members from various educational institutions, as well as experts and academics with extensive experience in the field of quality in higher education.
The Omani Society for Quality in Higher Education (OAQHE) is delighted to extend an invitation to join the association as a member. By becoming a member, you will enjoy the following benefits:
1. Receive a certificate confirming your association membership.
2. Participate/conduct training courses and workshops organized by the association.
3. Attend regular meetings and panel discussions organized by the association.
4. Connect and collaborate with peers who share similar expertise.
5. Contribute to research groups sponsored by the association.

Membership fees are as follows:
Individuals: 25 Omani riyals per year.
Students: 5 Omani riyals per year.

1. Not less than (18) years of age.
2. Has not been convicted of a felony or crime related to honour or honesty
3. Has a good conduct
4. Has interest in serving the association and achieving its objectives

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